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We are exceedingly grateful to the people of Our Lady of Poland parish who built our school in 1961 and those who wisely chose to join the communities of Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, St. Rosalie's and Our Lady of Poland to form Our Lady of the Hamptons in 1982.



The community of Our Lady of the Hamptons Regional Catholic School welcomes all to our family! We are grateful to all who enable our school to grow and remain as a constant in the strong Catholic education of the children we serve. We pray that each of our family members be enriched by their presence  in this school family. Let us pray for each other as we continue on in our latest educational adventure ever grateful for the gifts we share.


Our Lady of the Hamptons Regional Catholic is a unique community of students, teachers and parents. The school, located at 160 North Main Street, Southampton, New York, is a fully accredited elementary school for young people grades Kindergarten through Eighth Grade and, as such, is a part of the New York State Education Department and the Diocese of Rockville Centre. A fully licensed pre-school program for three and four year olds operates at St. Rosalie's Parish Center in Hampton Bays.

A Catholic school, Our Lady of the Hamptons is attended and supported by three parishes: Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (Southampton), Our Lady of Poland (Southampton), and St. Rosalie's (Hampton Bays). The union of these three parishes was established in 1982 and named Our Lady of the Hamptons.

 The school is administered by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood, and staffed by a fully accredited faculty of religious and lay teachers.

 Our Lady of the Hamptons Regional Catholic School has been designated as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the United States Department of Education. Further accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools was granted in November 2001, following a two year self-study and formal visitation by the Commission on Elementary Schools, and again in 2012.

 We are proud to announce that the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools-Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools has awarded accreditation to Our Lady of the Hamptons School at the April 2012 meeting. (This is the ten year reaccreditation. This process was based upon the special project submitted involving the Wellness Center and the schools' health initiatives as well as maintaining the highest standards of education.)

Check the link to view OLH's Middle States profile: Accredited schools.  The submission and proposal can be accessed  here for your reading!


 Please explore the information here and learn about our regional Catholic school. View the classrooms in this video to see where our  students are learning! It is our hope that this website will give you a sense of our commitment to Catholic education and a feeling that you might want to know more about us.  


Our Lady of the Hamptons is a special community of people young and old who seek "to be the best that they can be" for their families, their country and their God.

 Thanks to everyone whose support makes our school the vibrant place it is. God bless you for all you are and do!

 "Catholic education has left a lasting imprint on your community from the days of St. Elizabeth Seton to the present. I am confident that you understand the importance of continuing....indeed, expanding the eminent tradition of Catholic education in your parishes ....Catholic education serves the future of all Americans by teaching and communicating the very riches on which American democracy rests." - Pope John Paul II to a gathering in Baltimore.

 In an attempt to create a family spirit, the interaction of all family members is encouraged through service, socials, special events, and family-oriented activities.

 Mission Statement:

 Conscious of the uniqueness and importance of each individual child to God, to self and to society;
Convinced of the need of our Church and our world to develop mature, educated Christians;

Cognizant of the awesome privilege and responsibility inherent in challenging and guiding the young people entrusted to our care;

Committed to the belief that an individual's potential is his or her greatest asset;

 We, the administration and faculty of Our Lady of the Hamptons Regional Catholic School, fully dedicate ourselves to utilize our personal and professional gifts and talents for the total education of our students so that they may become aware of their place in the future as Christians and citizens of this country and the Kingdom of God.

 Now you can learn more about Our Lady of the Hamptons and find links to resources and class information. Check out the latest news at school, play educational games and take quizzes. View class websites, the Principal's page, school calendar, and notes about events.



As an institution of Catholic Christian learning, the school is ever conscious of the singularity and importance of each child to God, self and society and believes deeply that the individual is endowed by the Lord with his or her own particular talents which it is the school's purpose to cultivate spiritually and academically. The administration, faculty and staff are mindful of the privilege and responsibility inherent in challenging and guiding the young people entrusted to their care and are wholeheartedly dedicated to promoting the development of mature, educated, spiritually committed young Christians, all in furtherance of the Church's mission in the world. Giving word to the Gospel message, OLH seeks to promote in its students a vision of society, a belief in the value of the human person, and a desire to serve the community that reflect the spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ.

 OLH's academic program is based upon the sequential development of learning skills and the acquisition of knowledge according to guidelines established by the Diocese of Rockville Centre Education Department and requirements codified by the New York State Department of Education. The school believes that while knowledge should not be an end in and of itself, the ability to master facts is essential to the life process. When knowledge is applied to life situations and viewed in the context of experience, wisdom is the result. The administration and faculty at OLH follow a course that favors both the process and content of learning, neither one at the expense of the other. They are fully conscious of the fact that the technique of learning is not always uniform, and teaching methodology will therefore vary. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal is to build in the students the capacity to solve problems by a process that allows them to arrive at a logical and proper solution.

 It is the mission of OLH to begin the education and development of the whole child, and it does so in the firm conviction that a child's spiritual, intellectual, personal, social, and physical growth are all interrelated and interdependent. The educational process therefore commands attention to all these areas. In furtherance of this, OLH seeks to imbue its youngest students with core values that will grow into a firmly established Christian ethic which, as it ripens with age and experience, will serve as an example to others throughout life.

 The importance of consideration, thoughtfulness, accountability, respect for diversity, courage, responsibility, justice, perseverance, truth, peace, obedience to a just and properly constituted authority, generosity, forgiveness, self-reliance, commitment, and the seminal nature of the family unit are all part and parcel of the teaching and learning process and enter into every aspect of the educational experience at OLH.

 It is through the inculcation of these values that students at OLH will develop effective work habits and the social skills to consider and address the problems of society and meet life's challenges. At the same time, the strong moral foundation which such values support serves to promote, through example, the catechetical mission of the Church. Implicit in such a foundation is also the establishment of a thoughtful sense of self-respect, a healthy self-image which OLH believes is essential to the development and growth of the student as a whole person. Moreover, a healthy self-image, one that acknowledges both personal strengths and weaknesses, allows the student to recognize, and deal generously with, the diversity in others.

 It is a fundamental teaching of Christ and His Church that God did not endow the individual with unique gifts, only to have those talents lie fallow, unrecognized, ignored, or unnourished. Accordingly, the administration and faculty at OLH strive always to emphasize the singular qualities in each and every one of God's creatures, encouraging students to actively seek out, observe, and cultivate their own talents and those of others. This, indeed, is the very essence of Catholic, Christian education.

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160 North Main Street, Southampton, New York 11968
Telephone: 631-283-9140 -- Fax: 631-287-3958

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