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Take a moment and read of the update on the building program, progress and 

There is a "new" statue of the Blessed Mother in the linkspace....actually, the statue has been at home in the convent since 1963....but has found a new location where she can be shared. The wood-carved statue is the mate to the St. Joseph statue that is now on the staircase in the prep! That statue was in the convent from 1963-1990 and then in St. Joseph's Hall until the dedication of the Wellness center in 2014!

The memorial walkway/patio area is almost completed! Mr. Chuck Rocco is working on this and hopes to have it completed very soon!

 Think about having a brick with your family's name on it:


June 10, 2010 Groundbreaking Day

May 1, 2014
   Dedication Day   and the special photo insert
Dedication Day Ceremony  (Part I)  and the  Second edition of the day   (Part II)  

We are now able to accept credit card payments for donations to the Building Fund ((Mastercard or Visa) in writing or by phone  631-283-9140
 Gifts of Cash: A cash donation in any amount allows a  donor to receive full tax benefits.
  • Gifts of Securities: A gift to OLH of appreciated securities (either publicly traded or from a private company) may provide greater tax advantages than gifts of cash. The donor can deduct the current fair-market value as a charitable gift and completely avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation.
  • Planned/Estate Giving: You may incorporate charitable giving into your overall financial, tax and estate plans. In doing so you have the ability to maximize personal and family benefits while securing the future of OLH.
  • Employee Matching Programs: Many companies  match or multiply donations made to non-profit organizations by their employees. Those who wish to enhance the value of their gift should contact the human resource department of their employer about matching gift opportunities.
Contact the school at 631-283-9140 for a prospectus on the Bogardus Project.





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